Women in daily life the most easily hurt bone six kinds of bad habits



Women's bones relative to men, are more fragile, and some of the women in the usual life habit is also very easy to cause calcium loss in bone, so women in life which bad habits are easy to damage to the bone?

Blind to lose weight

Proper fat, converted into estrogen can through biochemical effect, increase the absorption of calcium, promote the formation of bone, prevent bone loss. Many urban modern women, excessive pursuit of slender, at the same time in the minus the fat also lose bone mass, at a young age was found to have the symptoms of osteoporosis. Therefore, white-collar female is necessary to maintain proper weight. A us study found that women on a diet after 18 months, although lost 3 kg, but BMD also drops. Due to the layer of fat and muscle weakness, in the event of an accident, such as accidentally sprains, falls, extrusion, the fracture is more easily than others. In addition, slim people thin adipose tissue and muscle, also prone to osteoporosis, and accompanied with osteoporosis fracture.

Love to wear high heels

Women beauty is born high-heeled shoes but also made a big contribution to the beauty of women, but also bring a lot of trouble to your bone health. Under normal circumstances, the foot has three points: first, the fifth toe and heel. And wear high heels, lean forward, center of gravity forward, the body weight almost fell in the first two, this will cause the upper part of the spine. Often wear high heels, can make the forefoot under too much pressure, knee to absorb more shock force, speed up the aging of ligament, key protective for fixed knee ligament, early ageing is equal to make joint "retired" ahead of time. The stiletto heel, therefore, not more than 5 cm, don't wear high heels over 4 times a week, in addition, different height of high heels can also make the ankle flexibility, reduce the lower limb edema!

The day is cold to wear skirt

The body's resistance bones, joints, and the circulation of the blood. Wear a skirt will lower limb exposed to air, under the cold stimulation, can cause vascular spasm, reduce blood flow around the knee joint, eventually led to the decrease of the joints resistance. For years, and have a greater risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

Curtilage at home all day

If before the leading cause of osteoporosis is the insufficient protein intake, lack of direct sunlight has now become a main reason. Modern consciousness of calcium supplements have improved, but more people between 25 ~ 35 for office gens, into the house almost all day not to come out, also don't like sports, do not love the sunshine, lead to a lack of vitamin D, calcium supplement but unable to fully absorb the regret is produced. Once have osteoporosis, prone to force after fracture, lumbar disc and lumbar sprain, etc.

Have a passion for carbonated drinks

Women often drink coke would also reduce bone mineral density, bone mineral density and fracture risk is closely linked, Harvard University, institute of public health, according to a study of the women who like to drink soda drinks, the probability of fracture is not soda three times; Women love to drink coke, the probability of fracture is 5 times don't drink soda drinks. Researchers explanation is that coke contains phosphoric acid, not only can reduce human body to absorb calcium, also can accelerate the loss of calcium; Drink coke and possibly milk intake shortage of women, the body lack of calcium.

You are a gamer

Medical studies show that patients with spine related diseases has become more and more young, has direct relationship with the computer. Due to the use of the mouse, on the right side of the neck is more hard, cervical vertebra coordination imbalance, easy to induce side muscle, ligament strain. And use the computer for a long time makes maintain rigidity posture of cervical vertebra, lumbar support the weight of the body for a long time, can lead to the spine related disease.

Women of these actions is very easy to damage to their bones, so women friends in life should be timely to correct these bad habits.