Those thing about a bone


Who is hurt my bones?

Bone problems more and more young office worker, this has to do with a sedentary way of life, lack of exercise are inseparable. In addition, common sense about JianGu, most people still feel puzzled. So let's come to uncover the misunderstanding for bone health.

Bone soup is not calcium supplements

Bone soup filling calcium has everyone seems to know, in fact, the inside of the bone calcium will not easily dissolved out. Experiments show that our country have to use the pressure cooker stew bone after two hours, the inside of the bone marrow fat have surfaced, but the calcium content is still a little soup, only one over twenty-five of the content in milk. Ordinary families are put the bone in the casserole, room temperature in clay pot soup again after an hour or two, the bone soup may have the effect of calcium supplementation. 1.

Coke ale will cause osteoporosis? You are wrong!

Osteoporosis is a kind of disease is not easy to be detected, but is closely related and bone health. The causes of osteoporosis are dietary intake of calcium and vitamin D deficiency, the change of the female hormone, and lack of physical exercise, affect bone metabolism drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. 2.

Don't know from when to start, since the childhood with us with soda let us now we can't easily to drink, especially cola ale was due to containing phosphorus legend "can lead to osteoporosis," this is not the case. Soda is innocent.

Need to point out that phosphorus is the essential element that widely exist in nature all kinds of food. (3) phosphorus plays a very important role in human metabolism, and it also is the important component of our bone. (4) in 2004, the United States public health minister's report on bone health and osteoporosis again for scientific data are analyzed. According to the report, in the case of getting enough calcium, moderate drinking cola ale will not lead to bone health problems. 5.

To make bone stick, please see here!

Keep bones healthy three important factors are: 1, getting enough calcium; 2, the sunlight and vitamin D; 3, sports. Food, soya-bean milk, the milk in the shrimp rice contains rich calcium, the sunshine can promote the synthesis of vitamin D, promote the absorption of calcium, vitamin D movement can produce benign stimulation to bone, make bones more healthy.

Expert advice: you can start from the simple low intensity exercise, combined aerobic and anaerobic exercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming and so on, can meet the demand of muscle of oxygen, at the same time cooperate including dumbbell, push-ups, sit-ups, increase muscle strength and bone health protection.